Why would we change our name from Trittschuh Physical Therapy to REV Physical Therapy?

If you have not heard, we have officially changed the practice name from Trittschuh Physical Therapy to REV Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. We did not make this decision lightly to say the least. Trittschuh Physical Therapy has been a refuge for injured individuals for over 30 years and changing the name was a scary process. We love the practice that is Trittschuh Physical Therapy. It, it is a strong name in our community and over the years the practice has helped many DeLand and Pierson families heal in times of need. We decided on the name change because we have a massive dream for what it can become and how it can have an even greater impact on the lives of our community members. We are also changing the name to reflect the diversity and growth of the practice since it was first established. Finally, we have changed the name because we want to have a major impact on our profession and how we are perceived in the public’s eye. 

Our mission for REV Physical Therapy is simple:, “REVOLUTIONIZE our profession and “be a first line of defense” for individuals navigating the healthcare system. We are approachable and highly trained clinicians who want to be there for you in your time of need. 


Why REV PT?! 

  • We have a massive DREAM for the future 
  • To reflect the DIVERSITY AND GROWTH of the practice over the last 30 years 
  • Have a major IMPACT on our profession


To accomplish our goals we believe it all starts with a new name.!


What to expect WHEN you choose us:!


We still provide high quality care that our clients have received in the past. We offer a low patient to therapist ratio to better serve you and accomplish your goals. You will be greeted with a smile and you will get partners in your journey to living a better, more active life. 

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