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At REV PT we want to REVOLUTIONIZE our profession by offering highly skilled therapeutic care in the communities we serve.

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To better serve you we have two convenient locations, one in DeLand and one in Pierson FL

Family Owned

Husband & Wife Owners Dr. Kayla & Nick Lambert aims to elevate services offered even further as physical therapy care has evolved over the years

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With hundreds of patients seen and helped we have accumulated a community of supporters and positive reviews
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Why Choose REV Physical Therapy?

REV PT & Sports Medicine is family owned and operated with the intention to provide the same level of care to each client as a member of our family would receive.

We believe physical therapy and the medical community as a whole has developed a negative connotation by shifting focus from being a service to their community to financial gain. When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel like more than a number. We want you to feel uniquely cared for, optimistic, and most importantly, HEARD!” 

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Transforming Lives Through Personalized Therapeutic  Solutions

Physical Therapy
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Our Promises to You

REV PT & Sports Medicine is family owned and operated with the intention to provide the same level of care to each client as a member of our family would receive



Advocacy for both you as an individual, and advocacy for our profession. You should and DO have a say in where you receive care. You also have a say in your level of care. If you are unhappy, we will always advocate for a second opinion. Secondly, we believe our profession has so many benefits to offer the community as a whole. We want to advocate for physical therapy care to be standard not only post-surgically or post-injury, but for those simply interested in maintaining a more independent lifestyle.


You are uniquely designed. Your physical therapy sessions should reflect that. Each client as well as each session should be tailored to meet your specific impairments or goals. You are receiving care from a specialist and therefore, each session should feel like you are receiving that level of skilled care.


  • Again, both in patient care AND in our profession.
  • Lack of accountability is the primary reason for failing to achieve set goals. Have you ever been told to stop an activity or that you will be unable to achieve a particular goal? Unfortunately, that was most likely an example of lazy medical guidance. Let us help guide you AND hold you accountable to meet your goals.
  • With equal importance, we want to hold those in our profession accountable to provide optimal care. Those days of “running yourself through your own exercises” are over and in all honesty, should have never started to begin with.


Not only each session, but each intervention performed should be well thought out and tailored to you. What is the best way to push towards your goals in the 40-60 minutes you have with us? That should never feel spontaneous. We want you to notice that each intervention was well thought-out by a highly skilled therapist.


The medical community can feel intimidating and overwhelming. We want to be a space where all of this information can come together in a sensible manner; where your diagnosis, symptoms, healing timeline, and goals all come together cohesively.

Meet Our Team

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Jackie Lopez-Smith


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Luanne Penwell

Patient Care Specialist

Nicholas Lambert

PT, DPT, MBA, Owner

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PT, DPT , Owner

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