How one Physical Therapist addressed his low back pain!

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Several years ago I hurt myself really bad while working out. Full disclosure: it was during a CrossFit class. I was really trying to push myself during this particular WOD (work out of the day) when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my low back. I laid down immediately due to the pain and […]

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions  When Considering Physical Therapy What is physical therapy? Physical therapy (PT) is a healthcare profession that incorporates varied settings (Hospital based, outpatient, nursing homes, long term care) and specialties. At this point in time all new Physical Therapists graduate with a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. What conditions can physical therapy treat? […]

Did you know we have a new name?

Why would we change our name from Trittschuh Physical Therapy to REV Physical Therapy? If you have not heard, we have officially changed the practice name from Trittschuh Physical Therapy to REV Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. We did not make this decision lightly to say the least. Trittschuh Physical Therapy has been a refuge […]